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Welcome to Stage Right Theatrics

Home of the Natural Theatre®

Are you a playwright who believes in our Founders'  mission?

Are you tired of seeing your beliefs and values mocked when you go to the theatre?

Do you wonder why our voice is hard to find onstage?

We support Israel!

Watch our production of Joshua Danese's "The Poor Trapped Man." It's a modern-day parable about an ancient crisis, told from the Jewish point-of-view! Click the graphic to see it!

What is the Natural Theatre?


The Natural Theatre is a new theatre movement created and supported by Stage Right Theatrics. The tenets of the Natural Theatre are:

  • That, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, human beings are born free with inalienable rights given by Nature's God.  These rights pre-date and supercede government.

  • That our Constitution exists to codify how our government is to protect our natural rights.

  • That Individuals should determine their own fate, with government’s sole purpose being to promote liberty and defend our sovereignty.

As a result, the Natural Theatre:

  • Presents plays that celebrate the individual who triumphs over adversity and does not see him or herself as a victim.

  • Presents conflict as a natural consequence of human nature.

  • Is the antidote to the Theatre of Misery.

  • Characterizes the traditions of eras past as providing guidance for our future, not to be dismissed out of hand as antiquated.

  • Recognizes the existence of evil.

  • Offers hope and redemption, even within conditions of misery, pain, or death.

  • And above all . . .

Disagreement Does NOT Equal Hate®

What the Natural Theatre is NOT


Corporate musicals, money-making revivals, or blockbuster theatrical extravaganzas—often defined as "conservative" because they seek to turn a profit.  In fact, the Natural Theatre hopes to thrive in more intimate theatre spaces where ideas are given emphasis over spectacle and star quality.  In that regard, we are no different than groundbreaking theatre practitioners such as Artaud and Brecht, albeit from a decidedly different political point of view.  It is our belief that traditional responses to social, cultural, and political movements are every bit as legitimate as those of the left.

New! Robert's Latest Article in
"The Epoch Times"

Image by Manos Gkikas
Stage Right Theatrics is proud to introduce:
The Uncanny by Andrew Klavan
The Uncanny Play by Andrew Klavan.png
Screenshot (724).png

The show is over but you can still watch the performance recorded live on May 21, 2022.

You can also listen to Andrew Klavan talk about us on The Andrew Klavan Show.

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